Finalists: Make a video of your project

Your team must make a short video of your project.

Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes and must be in mp4 format. 

You may record the video using Zoom or any appropriate platform of your choice. You may use a video camera, digital camera, cell phone, etc., as long as the audio and visual quality are excellent (and appropriate for online viewing).

All persons appearing in the video must sign a UIUC talent release form which can be downloaded below:

UIUC will have ownership of all submitted video content. Submitted content must be copyright free.
We reserve the right to use any or no part of the videos.

Your videos will be used to help the judges select the top three winners. The video must therefore complement your submitted fact sheet. 

Please submit your mp4 file and talent release form using this page after finalists are selected on November 25, 2022.