How to Enter

The competition consists of 4 achievable milestones:

What is required in each deliverable:


All teams must register by Sept. 4. 2021 using this registration form

Connect with a Specialist

As you develop your solution, you are required to reach out and correspond with at least one specialist in a field relevant to your solution. This individual may be a business executive, activist, politician, professor, or anyone with credible knowledge in your field.

Fact Sheet

Your Fact Sheet will present your team’s idea in a clear, compelling, and concise manner. This submission is evaluated to determine finalist teams.

For more information on creating a fact sheet, see here

Finalist Presentations

more details TBD

Key Dates

PhaseCompetition MilestoneDue Date
1Registration FormSept. 4. 2021 | 10:00PM CST
2Connect with a SpecialistOct. 15, 2021 | 10:00PM CST
3Fact SheetNov. 25, 2021 | 10:00PM CST
4Finalist PresentationsDec. 6, 2021 | Time TBD

Judging Criteria

All entries will be evaluated in terms of the six criteria below for a maximum overall score of 60 points:

  • Novelty: An original (new, fresh, innovative, ground-breaking) idea or synthesis of existing ideas into a new strategy that creatively advances one or more of the SDGs. Winning submissions will have that elusive “wow factor,” eliciting feelings of excitement and admiration! (These are projects that the judges would like to recommend to Elon Musk for funding!)    (0 – 20)
  • Feasibility: A convincing case is made for implementability. Implementation might rely on, say, existing or new technology; proven or new social organizations, markets, or science. (0 – 10)                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Scalability/Replicability: The idea can be scaled up and widely replicated.    (0 – 10)
  • Connection to SDGs: The analysis takes account of all relevant SDGs, of the ways in which they are relevant, and of the relationships among them as they pertain to the chosen sustainability problem.     (0 -10)
  • Compelling Communication: The submission is written with clarity, is visually engaging, and is easy to follow. The submission has a powerful and compelling narrative.   (0 – 10)