Which grade levels can compete? Can freshmen enter? Can graduate students enter?

This competition is open to all undergraduates at participating universities. Freshmen are highly encouraged to enter! Graduate students are not eligible to compete in this competition.

Are there some SDG’s which should be focused on more than others?

Your team may focus on any SDG or any combination of SDGs. No preference or penalty will be given to teams based on the SDGs chosen. The key judging criteria are Novelty, Feasibility, Scalability/Replicability, Discussing all relevant SDGs, and Making a Compelling and Clear Case. However, a strong submission will tend to demonstrate the interconnected nature of multiple SDGs.

Can I compete in this competition as part of a class?

Yes! More on that later

Can I ask professors for help?

Yes! You are encouraged – and required – to seek out viewpoints from experts as you craft your submission. Your professor cannot be a member of your team, but you may consult them for advice as much as you would like.

What is the time commitment? Do I have time to enter?

This depends in part on your team size and how extensively you plan to research or develop your plan. You may be able to produce a fact sheet within a few days or weeks, or you may refine it over the course of the semester. It may help to imagine the competition as having a similar time commitment as a 1 credit hour course.

What comes after the competition? Will winners implement their solutions?

There are many ways to develop your idea after this competition. Please see here for more details

Where can I find the requirements for my submission?

The timeline and summary of the competition is found on the competition roadmap. The requirements and guidelines to Seek the Advice of a Specialist are found here. The requirements and guidelines for your fact sheet are found here

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