Ideation/Design Resources at SCD

Thursday, September 7th from 5-6p CST: Understanding Oneself and Others Seminar

Empathy – understanding oneself and others – is a critical tool in everyone’s toolkit! Being human-centered and seeing the world from the perspective of others (and better understanding yourself) can help you better meet the needs of your end user, whether that’s through a product, a strategy, or an experience. In this workshop you will learn more about empathy, empathizing with others, and how empathy can enhance your work.

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Thursday, October 5th from 5-6p CST: Creating Captive Audiences Seminar

Creating compelling communication matters in order to fully engage your audience while presenting your ideas. The aim of this workshop is to help you stay focused on the specific points you’re trying to make by outlining your story ahead of time. You will learn how to identify the purpose of your story, effective techniques to engage your audience, and to use empathy in your storytelling telling process.

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Thursday, November 2nd from 5-6p CST: Building Creative Confidence Seminar

Creativity is a vital part of human-centered design, and a core skill for 21st-century learners. Human-centered design can motivate learners to develop a creative mindset that facilitates problem-solving through collaboration and critical thinking. Developing creative confidence – the belief that we all have the potential to innovate and solve problems through creative outcomes – will take you even further. Join us to learn the essential qualities to fostering creativity, and participate in activities designed to encourage creative confidence.

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Other resources, such as peer-to-peer consulting, design thinking workshops, and more, can be found on the Siebel Center for Design website: