Sample Fact Sheets and SDG Projects

Sample Fact Sheet

The fact sheet below adheres to all competition requirements for formatting, content, and page limit. Still, this is by no means a template to follow. You may find that your fact sheet takes a very different visual approach. Be innovative and creative! For further inspiration, check out the Fall 2021 competition winners here and the Fall 2022 competition winners here.

Other Sample Fact Sheets

Note: These fact sheets are only for illustrative purposes and generally do not adhere to competition goals or rules. Please read those goals and rules carefully and ask for advice if you need it.

Innovative SDG Projects by Category

Energy decarbonization and sustainable industry

kora Sustainability – Kora rewards individuals, corporates, and governments for taking sustainability actions.

charge&go – Fleet charging station for e-buses for innovative and smart mobility projects.

Climate Active Together – Website and matchmaking platform on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability projects for tertiary and industrial companies and apartments.

Sustainable food, land, water, and oceans

Entomo Insect Biofactories – Development of industrial projects for the production of insects for the transformation of organic matter into raw materials with high added value.

Greenastic – A personalized solution for gardeners who wants to create, in less than 10 minutes a durable and pesticide-free garden.

Data Xplorer – A solar-powered autonomous boat that travels our oceans for months at a time, allowing more affordable, sustainable, and safer ocean data collection.

Sustainable cities and communities

Transition-One Car Retrofit Technology – Converts combustion engine vehicles into all-electric vehicles and integrate an assistant to optimize electric driving.

Manguissa Eco Homes – Eco-friendly construction company Messibat International Ltd is proposing prefab raw earth building to help relieve the housing crisis in Africa.

CO2 Recycling Technology – A cost-effective & sustainable solution to recycle CO2 into valuable products for the food and chemical industry.